The National Association of Spanish Specialists in Bovine Medicine (ANEMBE) is a non-profit scientific organization founded in 1990 and open to all veterinarians interested in the cattle sector. It has more than nine hundred associated veterinarians throughout Spain. Since 1992 ANEMBE is a fully acknowledged member of the World Buiatric Association (WAB).

Its main objective is to promote continuing education for veterinarians working in any type of cattle production. In addition, the ANEMBE has contacts with the Spanish National and Regional Governments as well as other organisations that represent professional groups to collaborate in the regularization in this speciality, to prevent intrusion from other sectors and to oversee and ensure an adequate control and supervision of the bovine veterinarians.

The mission, for which ANEMBE was created, is to sponsor the exchange of concerns and to help the relationship not only among its members, but also in the entire cattle sector.

The ANEMBE regularly organises congresses of national and international level along with conferences and courses on the different aspects of bovine production, The ANEMBE also releases specialist publications: ANEMBE´s Bulletin that is distributed exclusively to the members and a web page,, all with the objective of maintaining its members well informed and prepared for the news and developments within the sector.


Anembe board

Joaquín Ranz Vallejo
Juan Carlos González Fernández
Ángel Ávila Coya
Juan Manuel Cainzos Cagiao

Anembe Committees and their Chairs

Medicine, Surgery and Podiatry
Joaquín Ranz Vallejo
Francisco José González
Research and Dissemination
Juan Manuel Cainzos Cagiao
Fernando Criado García
Gumersindo de la Riera
Farm Management and Facilities
Manuel Ángel Fernández Sánchez
External Relations and Deontology
Juan Carlos González Fernández
Quality Milk
Xabier Bermudez Salgueiro
Ángel Ávila Coya
Food Security and Animal Welfare
Juan Carlos Marco Melero


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